Weekday afternoon class

Post date: Jan 10, 2012 9:50:24 PM

So I've started a weekday afternoon class.

I meantioned this on the Calgary Rakushinkan forum the other day: New Weekday afternoon classes

This was actually the idea of one of my work colleagues. We train for an hour or so at the Beltline Fitness Center.

Right now it's just James and me and maybe one other soon. Only two sessions so far and they were really good. I think we'll stick with aikido and aikijujutsu right now with a bit of kenjutsu to supplement training. I'm not sure if we'll do any iaido or not. I'll gague interest and see, I guess.

Fitting in those extra few hours each week is really important for me. I should be training more, but finding space and training partners is difficult so this afternoon training is quite convenient and benificial as long as it fits in with my schedule.