Kenjutsu is a general term for for Japanese sword arts. Typically,  the basis of kenjutsu schools is a set of kata (forms) which are  practiced with a partner most commonly using wooden swords (called bokuto or bokken). 

Each school has their own method of training involving different types of practices, and exercises, and different influences of philosophy, ethics and historical or situational context. Some schools may practice some forms of sparring (like Kendo), while others do not.

Our main form of kenjutsu at Calgary Rakushinkan is Aizu Onoha Ittoryu of the Shinto Jyushinkai. This is the kenjutsu of Tokeda Sokaku as preserved by Yamamoto Kakuyoshi.

We also practice with other weapons (kobujutsu) such as bo, jo, shakujo, etc.